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Strategic social media

Social media has disrupted, first our societies, and now our economies. This disruption is irreversible. It is also significant, in that it has changed the way people interact with each other, with organisations, and with those in power. In the face of such disruption, it should become obvious that social media is not just another tool for marketing or public relations purposes.


Social media at Sprolo

Sprolo popped up on my radar because of two things…..great coffee and great social media. This mix made them perfect for a visit to check out a local take on what makes great social media.



Paul Harrigan

I am an Associate Professor of Marketing at UWA Business School at The University of Western Australia. I research, teach and consult on social media marketing.


Tim Daly

I am an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the United Arab Emirates University. My interests lie in consumer behaviour, on and off social media. I am originally from Perth, with a PhD from UWA in 2010.