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01 Dec

Great ANZMAC 2014 conference in Brisbane!

Posted by Paul Harrigan

With the end of the year comes the annual ANZMAC (Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy) conference.....and this year it was in Brisbane. My first time there....and I presented three times.

Yeah this is where us academics present the research we have been doing over the past year, and there is some really cool stuff. Stuff that does impact on marketing practice. There are sessions on everything from consumer behaviour, to social marketing, to business-to-business marketing, to digital marketing. That's where I come in.

My main presentation was about how to identify opinion leaders (or market mavens if you want to be cool) on Twitter. Using survey and big data we showed that these influential people have a certain profile on Twitter.....and for this we won a best paper award! My presentation is here:


My second presentation was for a special session on how social media is used in 'at-risk' communities, so a bit more of a social use for social meda. I found it really interesting looking in to how Indigenous communities in Australia are using Facebook to preserve their culture, and how groups of women entrepreneurs in Africa keep up to date with LinkedIn. Anyway, my presentation is here:

Finally, in my role as Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing Management, I presented in the 'Meet the Editors' session. This is basically where the journal editors try to shed some light on their journals and the processes they go through to accept or reject papers. JMM is a particularly successful and growing journal and publishes research on any area of how organisations should actually do marketing. My presentation is here:

I think that's enough for now, so thanks for reading and I'll in touch soon.