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12 Mar

Content strategy

Posted by Paul Harrigan

Many companies today want to ‘do’ social media. Training courses discuss how to set up a Facebook page, how to tweet, or even how to keep a LinkedIn profile up to date. However, before anyone goes on social media, they need to ask two questions;

  1. Who are my audiences? Yes, there is always more than one.
  2. How can I engage with them? Note engage with, not broadcast to.

In my industry (higher education), look at this example from Monash University. They clearly think through what issues are on their potential customers’ minds, and provide information around that. How much more valuable is this than a billboard or a radio advertisement? These media don’t allow customers to instantaneously talk about what they’ve seen beyond the people beside them. This Twitter post had 72 Retweets and 80 Favourites when I took the screenshot.

So, who are your audiences and what are their issues. Which of those issues are closest to relating to them doing business with you? This is your common ground, and this is where your content marketing starts.

The next step is creating content that will educate or entertain them depending on your business. Pictures and short videos are ideal, but Facebook also provides a range of apps that let ordinary people create engaging content.