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29 Oct

Another semester done

Posted by Paul Harrigan

So....the semester is over! I was teaching Marketing Management to 600 first year students at UWA. I think it went well.....

The course followed the schedule below, covering all the basic things to introduce marketing to students. We mixed workshops with more personal tutorials, and got students to post exercises on Facebook, answer MCQ questions, give a team presentation and of course sit a dreaded exam to get their marks. Hopefully I have encouraged a few to go with marketing as their major here at UWA!

You'll have seen the picture of a red book with this post on our homepage - that's actually a brand new one that we'll be using next year and that I co-authored. I just had to plug it a bit!

Among the 600 students were 6 in Albany, who I am going down to see this weekend. Making a weekend of it too. Next semester I am back....and teaching my thing.....which is social media marketing to final year undergrads and Masters students. Should be fun, as have a couple of industry projects lined up.