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06 Oct

Filling the Classroom!

Posted by Paul Harrigan

This will strike a chord with those academics out there teaching to increasingly empty classrooms, whether you record lectures or not!

For non-academics, this may also be relevant if you are organising an event and want a quick and easy way to let people register.

In my teaching at UWA, I have begun to use Eventbrite ( to monitor students’ attendance at lectures, workshops or tutorials. Basically, I set up the date and time of each class, and add as many other details as I want. Then I password protect the registration link! I only provide the password to students that come to class, so only they can register. I only keep the registration link open for around 15 minutes in class, and I can track the location of those who have registered. So….if I get someone registering from Joondalup or Mandurah I can be pretty sure they’re not actually in my class.

However, there’s rarely the need for such monitoring. I have found that students buy in to this. I don’t record lectures, and I award marks for attendance. In a class of 600 there’s no other way I could manage this other than using Eventbrite. I am sure there are other tools out there too, but I have found this one really useful

If you have any questions about this, please just give me a shout.