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06 Oct

Social and Mobile

Posted by Paul Harrigan

This week, I’m going to talk about using social on your mobile. This is really where social media is most powerful, as really it is about sharing experiences, pictures and videos as they happen. So you’re at an event and you see something interesting, you can immediately snap that and share it with your community.

In my last two pieces I explained about hashtags you can then include and also how to get a community in the first place. Many people just use Twitter on their mobile, rarely accessing it on their computer. However, it’s easy to access on both, and on tablet if you have one. On that note, would you mind answering a couple of questions about what technology you do have please!

social and mobile 02

Ok, so if you have a smartphone you can download the official Twitter ‘app’. If you’re on Android (which is basically any phone that isn’t Nokia, Apple!), you’ll have a Google Play icon on your phone. Google Play is like a store for apps. Just click in to it. If you haven’t already got a Google account you’ll need to set one up now, but if you have Gmail, you use those details. Once in Google Play, it’s easy. Search for Twitter, and follow the instructions to set it up. Accept everything it says! The process on Apple is similar, only you go in to the App Store.

Now, if this is the first time you’ve ever accessed Twitter, you’ll have to set up your account. However, if you’ve had a try at it on the computer, you can just log in using your details. Now, you’ll have a replica of your Twitter account on your phone. I would recommend first accessing Twitter and setting up on the computer; it’s just easier to see everything!

social and mobile 03

If you’re starting to think, this is too much hassle... it really isn’t! Look at this public organisation in the UK promoting the use of Twitter. They want the farming community to be better connected to each other and with the general public. As I said in my first piece in this newsletter, farming is something we’re all touched by and that is something that the many, many organisations already using social media like Twitter cannot say.

The US leads the way, as usual. An article last year in USA Today talks about how farmers there are growing more comfortable with mobile devices. Going beyond the relatively simple use of Twitter, there are weather apps, crop yield calculators, and farm mapping apps. One particular app estimates the volume of grain in a bin and another that can calculate how much meat will come from an animal based on its weight. You can check out the article here:

Coming back down to earth... just using Twitter to keep up to date with the news when you’re out and about is making good use of social media. Of course, you’ll need a mobile signal! When I started on Twitter, I just ‘retweeted’ or shared stuff that I thought was interesting. It took me longer to create my own content, but you guys have so much content at your fingertips. Next time you take a photo on your phone, look for the ‘share via Twitter’ option and post it up there. Who knows... it might go viral! You can also ask questions... or complain about poor service. The thing is people see it, so you’ll get a response.

Ok, that’s me for another time. If you are interested in getting Twitter on your mobile, I hope this has helped. If you get stuck, the help here will solve any problem you have:

Next time, we’ll leave Twitter behind and go to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, where you can tell people about your career, your skills, and follow discussions on topics you’re interested in. So, thanks again and I’ll be back soon.