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17 Nov

Social customer service from easyJet

Posted by Paul Harrigan

One of the most common uses of social media by businesses, large and small customer service. For me, this is the place to start if you're thinking about going with social.

You can't keep or get new customers if you don't help them on social media.....but that doesn't stop many businesses trying.

As a customer, you should try (if you haven't already) using social media for that next question or complaint to a business. I did this with easyJet, the low cost, no frills European airline. However, even they can't get away with providing bad service on social media, where everyone can see. I had to cancel a flight that I had just booked - usually no hope with low cost airlines right? It evens says so in their policy. Not so.....a full refund with no questions asked. Great service, and all because of a tweet (not shown below).


Some businesses do this very well.....and some not so. Really, any organisation should be aware of when they are mentioned on any public social media post. It is amazing how many don't respond....or even respond in the wrong way!