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21 Jan

Teaching in Lille

Posted by Paul Harrigan

Back at work.....but not in Australia. I usually visit France once a year to do some research with my good friend Kristof Coussement (@KCoussement). I also do a bit of teaching.....when I say a bit I mean three courses in a week!


At IESEG, which is right in the centre of Lille, I teach three Masters courses:

- CRM in Small Business


- CRM in Business-to-Business

As well as that, Kristof and I plan our research for the year. A couple of projects to look out for are the use of Twitter to identify consumer's personalities.....and the use of social media in the tourism industry. Are extraverts more likely to influence others on social media, and therefore worth marketers identifying and targeting.....or are people who are open a better option? In tourism, what content most engages consumers, and what are organisations current approaches?

Both these projects will involve a lot of data collection from consumer and organisational surveys and also Twitter I will be busy but I will be in touch again when I am back in Perth.